Drone Roof Inspections

Advantage takes Home Inspections to new Heights! With the use of drones to inspect roofs that should not be walked on or cannot be walked on. This drone roof inspection technology eliminates those problems and allows the inspector to take unlimited up-close pictures as part of the roof inspection process.

The drone roof inspection technology can help identify hail damage, wind damage, damage caused by trees and more. We use it mostly for new home-buyers since the roof is a high cost item that all buyers want to know about. According to Nick Gromicko, who heads up the Nation’s largest home inspection association,”the applications for home and commercial property inspections are numerous, such as for inspecting roofs (especially those with steep pitches), as well as getting a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding property”.


We all know how difficult it can be to find a really good home inspector. If any of you have the opportunity to recommend an inspector for a deal you are working on, or in the future, I HIGHLY recommend Don Egan at Advantage Home Evaluations. He is by far, the most professional, accommodating, and ethical inspector I have dealt with to date. His rates are very reasonable. He will coordinate the pest inspection and do the water test. One stop shopping! He makes it very easy. I’ve been using him for my inspections lately and been extremely pleased. We had a minor issue come up on a home he had inspected and he made himself available to explore the issue and then stood behind his word, in correcting the problem. A rare and very admirable behavior these days. I have been VERY impressed with him, and everyone I’ve recommended him to, has been equally happy. I highly recommend you keep his contact info handy. He’s a great guy!

First, Don is honest, and his work exemplifies that. Next, Don is a pleasure to work with. And he can be counted on.

I would recommend Don.He makes a great point about the pro’s and con’s with a home inspection. It is meant to be informative both positively and negatively.

No better nor more thorough home engineer/inspector on the East End. I highly recommend Don to any and all: professional, competent and reliable.

We were in urgent need of a home inspection to be completed within days of our request. Don Egan at Advantage Home Evaluations accommodated us immediately. He was extremely conscientious, skilled and professional. His Report left no stone unturned. In addition to Don’s expertise and ethics, he was extremely affordable. It is nice to be able to recommend professionals when the opportunity arises, and we recommend Don at Advantage wholeheartedly.